Virus Removal

The Computer People is proud to provide one of the best values on Virus Removal Services to the Oxford, Ohio area.

Owner, Zach Silver, has been providing Virus Removal services to both residential and small business clients for over 25 years.
He is A+ certified and a graduate of Purdue University's Computer and Information Technology program.

Ransomware Removal

Ransomware is a nasty type of virus that encrypts your data and asks for a rasnsom for the key. Turn off your computer right away and schedule a time for us to try and recover your data.

Virus Removal

We can remove any virus on your PC or Mac and then keep you protected from future viruses or computer issues.

Junk Software Removal

Sometimes its just junk software making your system run slowly. Have us diagnose and remove your bloatware and junk software - many times a simple remote session is sufficient to fix these types of issues.

Top Level Protection

We offer Bitdefender Endpoint Security and Atera Device monitoring for just $5/month and we also have our Client Loyalty Plan which provides 30 minutes of FREE support each month, Bitdefender, and other great perks for just $20/month.
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Dell Certified Partner

As a Dell Reseller, I get great deals on computers and warranties... and I pass my pricing down to my clients. So, if it makes more sense to get a new computer instead of removing the virus, we can help with that too.
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Computer Maintenance

By utilizing our automatic protection and maintenance provided in our MSP Offering, your computer will have less unexpected issues and live a longer life, saving clients a ton of money.
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Why pick The Computer People?

  • Support direct from the owner - a Purdue University Computer and Information Technology alum
  • Punctual appointments from a local Oxford resident with tons of experience:

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All work is completed by appointment.
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